Contrary to popular belief, hearing aids are amazing pieces of microtechnology packed with features and programmes to support improved speech understanding.

The right hearing aid for you is dependent on lots of different factors including your ear’s anatomy, your hearing loss and your lifestyle. At your appointment, your Audiologist will take the time to get an understanding of all these things.

As an independent hearing care provider, Surrey Hearing offer solutions from all the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers.

Surrey Hearing offer a variety of hearing aids, including: invisible hearing aids, rechargeable hearing aids & hearing aids which are able to connect directly to your mobile phone.

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Types of Hearing Aids

There are lots of different styles of hearing aids which we’ve briefly outlined below.



Surrey Hearing is a qualified provider of LyricTM, the world’s only 100% invisible hearing aid. Lyric is inserted deep into your ear canal, by your Audiologist. Lyric stays in your ear for months at a time so you can sleep, shower, exercise etc, without worrying about your hearing. There’s also no batteries to change. The Lyric hearing aid is a fantastic solution which allows wearers to forget about their hearing loss. Lyric is available on a risk free 30 day trial, click here to book your appointment.

ITE (In-the-Ear)

These tiny devices are made bespoke to you. They sit inconspicuously in your ear and are incredibly discreet. With it’s almost invisible appearance, for many people, this is the first choice of hearing aid.

ITE - In the Ear
RIC - Receiver in Canal

RIC (Receiver-in-the-Canal)

These instruments fit behind the ear and send the sound via a tiny wire into the receiver, which is placed directly in the ear canal. The amplified sound, which is produced by the receiver, provides exceptional clarity and enhances the high-pitched speech sounds with excellent sound quality. A soft earpiece holds the receiver in place without plugging the ear canal giving a natural sound and a comfortable fit. They are suitable for a mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss.

BTE (Behind-the-Ear)

This is the familiar style that fits over the ear and is connected to an ear mould that fits in the ear canal. This style gives the most fitting options such as very high power for the severe and profoundly hearing impaired. It is often the fitting of choice for difficult audiometric configurations such as high frequency losses. Where there is a history of discharge from the ears this is often the only option. To help with the cosmetics of this type of fitting it is possible to match the casing with the hair colour.

BTE - Behind the Ear

The latest technology

One of the biggest advancements in recent hearing aid technology is a ‘rechargeable’ consideration. Gone are the hassles and expense of fiddly batteries, now you can charge your hearing aid just like you do a mobile phone, and be confident that the charge will carry you through the day.

Bluetooth technology is also now available in many models of hearing aids allowing you to connect more easily to the outside world. Devices such as mobile phones, music players, home phones and televisions can communicate with your hearing aids via bluetooth. There are even some models which connect directly to your mobile phone and television.


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