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Ear Defenders

Interested in protecting your hearing? Read about our Elacin and Emtec range of hearing protection.

Swimmers Ear Plugs

We are experienced in treating children and adults alike. Click here to learn more about our solutions for swimming related ear problems.

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Our base offices are
located at:

Surrey Hearing Services
246 Shawfield Road
Ash Surrey
GU12 5DJ

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Swimmers Ear Plugs

Designed to keep water out of the ears when swimming, hair washing and showering. Many people benefit from this simple solution to keeping the ears dry. Unlike some products which require several visits we make these on the spot and the whole procedure is completed in about half an hour. We are experienced in treating children and adults alike, particularly following ear surgery and post grommet insertion.

Before making an appointment and to avoid a wasted journey, please get your ears checked by your doctor or ENT consultant to ensure that excessive wax is not present.

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