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Ear Defenders

Interested in protecting your hearing? Read about our Elacin and Emtec range of hearing protection.

Swimmers Ear Plugs

We are experienced in treating children and adults alike. Click here to learn more about our solutions for swimming related ear problems.

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Our base offices are
located at:

Surrey Hearing Services
246 Shawfield Road
Ash Surrey
GU12 5DJ

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Hearing Tests

ENT Consultants

We offer clinic attendance at all the private hospitals listed in the locations section of this website for pure tone audiometric testing and tympanometry as well as a comprehensive private hearing aid service. Please email for full details.

General Public

Before any consideration is given to the provision of a hearing aid it is a requirement that a hearing assessment is made. This includes the relevant medical history and examination of the ears together with a comprehensive audiometric assessment of hearing.

There is no extra charge for this service where it includes purchase of a hearing instrument.

If you are merely curious about your hearing acuity or require audiometric evidence of your hearing for employment or other reason a charge, currently £15 to £25 will be made.

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