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Ear Defenders

Interested in protecting your hearing? Read about our Elacin and Emtec range of hearing protection.

Swimmers Ear Plugs

We are experienced in treating children and adults alike. Click here to learn more about our solutions for swimming related ear problems.

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Ear Defenders

Several manufacturers have a range of custom made ear defenders to protect the ears from the effects of noise.these are made to measure for the individual and fit all in the ear.

Elacin and Emtec have a useful range with specific products for:

Motorcyclists - Biopact
Industrial Applications - Duocomm
Musicians - ER15 and ER25
Sleep - Sleepfit
Shooters - Active Shooters

For further details on Elacin products click the following link:

For Emtec products:

GN Resound Oticon Phonak Siemens Starkey Labs Widex