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Interested in protecting your hearing? Read about our Elacin and Emtec range of hearing protection.

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We are experienced in treating children and adults alike. Click here to learn more about our solutions for swimming related ear problems.

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Our base offices are
located at:

Surrey Hearing Services
246 Shawfield Road
Ash Surrey
GU12 5DJ

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About Surrey Hearing Services

We are a family firm established in 1986 supplying private hearing aid and audiological services to our local area in west Surrey and north Hampshire. Our base offices are located in Ash, Surrey with regular sessions held at private hospitals and other locations for the benefit of clients in their local areas. See Locations.

Most of our clients requiring hearing aids come to us as a direct referral from ENT consultants with whom we have a close working relationship, supplying audiometric testing services to their private practices.

We are completely independent of any hearing aid manufacturer and can supply products from any of the major companies including Widex, Phonak, Siemens, Oticon, GN ReSound etc.

Whilst we primarily operate from our fixed locations we can supply a home visiting service to those clients who are infirm or find traveling difficult. As we are a local firm, we cannot supply this service outside a 10 mile radius of our centers.

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